We may wonder why the halal logo issued in the country coupled
with the word Malaysia, the Malaysian Halal. In the Islamic
perspective, the word halal is enough as a level indicator 
that a product is or shoul be used either in terms of legal
and quality. Enough with the one word that can stand on
 its own halal.this is a unique kind in Malaysia. 
Before marking a critical role in the halal business world, 
it has embedded a strong Malay-Muslim
culture is very sensitive, 
especially for the source of food and daily use goods products.
 However,the use of simple materials and products
especially in food products in times past cause this label
not viewed as important than it is today.Malaysian society
is built on a variety of races, religions and cultures is an 
important asset in developing Malaysia's halal certification.
In general look and logo certification system was created
solely for the user groups in the country's Malay Muslim
to enable them to choose a product without hesitation in the
 market. But when introduced almost ten years, the response 
was surprising presence. The word halal today is no longer 
belonged to the ethnic Malay Muslim absolute. Traders 
mostly held by ethnic Chinese began to realize the importance
of clean and claim to be good products, they are halal certification 
while their non-Muslim majority.  

This change broke the boundary wall of cross-border differences
in religion and cultural differences which we have any regard for halal
standards are for Muslims only. Similarly, Western and European
industrial owner such as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands
and New Zealand, they make great investment in this country.
In Asia, Japan and Thailand is no less important in this regard. 
They make the halal logo as a marketing tool to win over consumers. 
The producers have put the value of the halal label on their goods more
expensive and worth compared products. 
Sometimes without official halal label issued the Islamic Development 
Department or Department / Islamic Council considers it difficult to
market their products, but in some cases users will doubt it.
Now halal has become such an important commercial value and 
high address boundaries of race, religion and international. 

By business purposes, there are times when the manufacturer so 
extreme. They are as much as possible try exploitation  consumers and 
purchasersto wear halal logo on all items no matter what type of
products marketed. This has raised concerns that the logo demands 
cause birth illegally introduced. In this case, former Minister in the
Minister,Datuk Abdul Hamid Zainal Abidin, has given the answer that
the halal logo is enough for Muslims in this country to distinguish a
particular product is halal or not (The Star, Sept 27. 2002). 

In fact, between the interests of traders and assurance to consumers,
JAKIM / JAIN control based on Islamic law claims. Therefore, not all 
requests entrepreneurs to use the halal certificate and logo are met. 
Nature of natural products or products that are not through the
production process such as spices, 
the absolute water, fruits and fish is not necessary to the
halal certification.
In short all natural ingredients that do not go through the process of 
modification, addition and aging, the material that is not listed for 
the lawful application. In addition to all drugs or pharmaceutical
products not included in the halal certification as it needs emergency
Similarly, a producer of the well known brand products not halal is not 
processed the application even though the products to be produced is still 
not in conflict with Islamic law. This action is to avoid confusion and 
doubt to the public. Next food, especially non-halal animals such as cats. 
This is because animals do not incur any sin-wage taklif like a man.
Guarantee the safety of consumers, the halal logo is not
allowed to be printed on the risk of substance use, such as liquid
detergents and halal certificates are only issued to applicants only. 

Briefly some of category products are not fit to clean the application are: 
i. Natural materials or nature, 
ii. Drugs, 
iii. Famous brand products not halal, 
iv. Fodder, 
v. Hair dyes. 

JAKIM halal certification as a coordinating body, has introduced a new 
halal standard logo throughout Malaysia. Logo of the standard answer 
to all questions and confusion that often arises by the people to view 
each department Islam states issued their own halal logo which has 
its own identity. The new logo contains only the word Halal in Arabic,
 Jawi and Malaysia in the words of Rumi. The difference between halal 
logos issued only known by the code number-coded identification 
number based on the applicable state in Malaysia. As a guide to users, 
the new logo was officially issued to the applicant's premises is colored 
black. To facilitate the manufacturer, they are allowed to use other 
colors as long as the product produced without the slightest change 
specification original logo. 

By introducing the new logo in 2003 after then directly logos long 
outstanding in the market as recorded words Malaysian Islamic 
Development Department, Department / Islamic Religious Council of
State is expected to be eliminated until the end of this year, 2004. 
The main purpose of this logo is for coordination, while the other 
strategy is to eliminate the use of halal logo as BAHIES false and 
any non-halal labeling is not confirmed by any of the authoritative
Islamic countries. Halal label is widely used by the premises without 
official confirmation JAKIM / JAIN not be held liable even though its use
has no legal restrictions. This all started in Malaysia and other
Muslim countries. 

This approach is very different compared with the
logos issued by the Islamic bodies, such as Indonesia, America, Thailand 
and Singapore. Indonesia is using the Arabic word Halal Food Council 
and American Nutrasi (IFANCA) is so dominant in the U.S. use 
the symbol "M" referring to Muslims and Thailand show Shaykh 
al-Islam word that refers to Islam as authoritative bodies there. 
In Malaysia, although the halal logo looked so grand and influential 
among consumers and entrepreneurs,but its application is not required
in law. Its strength is as a symbol of quality assurance based on Islamic 
law that emphasize product quality,purity and safety. It is an option
to producers seeking to use it and it is issued administratively by the 
JAKIM / JAIN. Some authorities regard it as social responsibility. 
However, its use has changed dramatically to the needs of the industries
producing food products and 
goods use to convince consumers. Through halal elements, the 
government has succeeded in opening up business
opportunities for producers competing to become more high-quality 
products and convincing. Healthy trade climate has successfully
pioneered in the local market and began to actively widen the
international trade arena. 

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