Slaughtering Animals For halal Terms

Land animals that eat kosher, there are two kinds:

  1. These animals are likely to be captured, such as camels, cows, goats and other tame animals such as pets and birds that are kept in homes.
  2. Animals that can not be captured.

For animals that may be captured as mentioned above, that can be eaten, Islam provides the requirements must be slaughtered according to the rules of Personality ‘. Slaughtering Requirements According Personality ‘

Slaughtering according Personality ‘in question, could only be perfect if the fulfillment of conditions as follows:

1). The animal must be slaughtered or punctured (Nahr) with a sharp instrument which can drain blood and kill the animal, whether it be a stone tool or wood.

‘Adi bin Hatim-Thai ath once asked the Prophet: “O Prophet! We hunt and capture the beast, but that time we have no knives, just a sharp rock and the rest of the staff that we have, can we use to kill?” So the Prophet replied:

“Alirkanlah blood with whatever you like, and mention the name of Allah be upon him.” (Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud, Nasal, Ibn Majah, Hakim and Ibn Hibban)

2). Slaughtering or pricking (Nahr) it must be done in the animal’s neck, namely: that the death of the animal is actually as a result of the dissolution pulse or throat.

Slaughter of the most perfect, that is breaking the esophagus, throat and veins.

This requirement can be killed if that did not slaughter can be performed on a typical place, such as the animals fell in the well being of his head under the neck that can not be cut, or because they go against the nature of the beast . That time should be treated like a fugitive, which is quite hurt by a sharp instrument, in any part that may be.

Raafi ‘bin Khadij recounted:

“We had been with the Prophet in a travel, then there is a camel belonging to the village to escape, while they do not have a horse, to pursue, then there is a man who threw him with arrows. Then  Prophet  said: ‘This animal has such a primitive trait primitive savage animals (wild), therefore anything that can do, do; so. ” (Bukhari and Muslim)

3). Not mentioned in addition to asthma ‘God, and this has been agreed by all scholars. For those who are ignorant to God and idols bertaqarrub by slaughtering an animal, that there are times when they call idols when slaughtered, and there are times when slauthering was dedicated to something particular idol. For that the Koran forbids it, namely as mentioned in the word:

“And the beast that slaughtered but Allah … and the animals are slaughtered for idols.” (Al-Maidah: 3)

4). Must mention the name of God (read bismillah) when slaughtered. It’s according to nat Zahir al-Quran says:

“Eat of what is called asthma ‘Allah on him if you truly believe in the verses.” (Al-An `am: 118)”And you shall not eat of anything that is not called asthma ‘Allah be upon him, for he was an iniquity.” (Al-An `am: 121)

And the words of the Prophet:

“Anything that can draw blood and are called asthma ‘Allah be on him, eat him.” (Bukhari)

Among the strengthening of this requirement, is a sahih hadith that requires mention asthma ‘Allah when releasing an arrow or hunting dogs, as will be explained later.

While scholars have also argued that asthma calls’ God is a must, but not necessarily when the slaughter was. Can also be done when eating. For if when eating has been termed asthma ‘God does not mean he ate something that was slain with asthma is not called’ God. Because according to the story of Aisha, that there are some people who are new to Islam asked the Prophet:

“Behold a people to give us meat, but we do not know whether they are called asthma ‘God or not? And whether we should eat thereof or not? The Prophet replied:’ Call asthma ‘God and eat.'” (Bukhari) Secret Slaughtering and lesson

Secret slaughter, according to what we know, which is releasing the lives of animals with the easiest path, which would ease and harmlessness. For those reasons, required the equipment used must be sharp, so a faster effect.

In addition it is required, too, that the slaughter was to be done on the neck, because this place is closer to separate the live animals and more easily.

And forbidden to slaughter animals by using a tooth and nail, because the slaughter by those tools can hurt animals. In general, these tools are just suffocating.

The Prophet commanded a sharp knife and used it in a polite way.


“Verily, Allah made it obligatory to do good to something. Therefore if you are killed, then fix the way to kill him, and when you slaughter slaughtered and then amend your ways and simplified the slaughtering process and sharpen the knife.” (Reported by Muslim)

Among the forms of goodness is like what is narrated by Ibn Umar that the Prophet ordered that the knife is sharp.


“If one of you cut off (an animal), then complete your.” (Reported by Ibn Majah)

Narrated by Ibn Abbas, that there is a man who laid a goat while he was sharpening his knife, then the Prophet said:

“Are you going to kill him, after he was dead? Why do not you sharpening your knife before the animal you laid?” (History Judge)

Omar Ibn al-Khattab had also seen a man that foot binding was a goat and dragged to slaughter, then Umar said: ‘Damn you! ascort  him to die in a good way. ” (History Abdurrazzaq).

That’s how we find the general thinking on this issue, namely that in principle should be put compassion to animals and relieve him of all the suffering in every way possible.

Ignorant people like to cut the old camel hump (Java Idioms, hump) and goats in the squalid living conditions. Such measures are torturing animals. Hence the Prophet and then blocking their intentions and forbid use of animals in such a manner.

Then the Prophet said:

“The meat is cut from the animal alive, it means dead.” (Reported by Ahmad, Abu Daud, Tarmizi and Judge) Calling Wisdom Asma ‘Allah Time Slaughtering

Command to refer to asthma ‘Allah when slaughtering the subtle secrets contained at all, which would need to ponder and consider:

  1. In terms of the difference with the polytheists. That the idolaters and ignorant people always mention the names of gods and their idols when slaughtered. When the idolaters do so, why believers do not mention the name of his Lord?
  2. The second aspect, namely that animals and humans are both creatures of God is living and inanimate. Hence why people would just because just pull out the animal, without asking permission of the creator who also created the entire earth? That’s called asthma ‘God here is a notice of permission of God, as if the man says: I do this not because of hostile creatures to God, nor to humiliate him, but is actually the name of Allah we slaughtered the animal and the name Allah we also hunt and eat with us his name as well. sacrifices of the Book

We know how to harden the Islamic slaughter issue and consider this important issue. It is precisely because those pagan Arabs and followers of other religions have made slaughter, including the issue of worship, even getting the confidence and fundamental issues of religious belief. Therefore slaughter, they make it as a way to devote to his god, then slaughter the animal to an idol or the name of his god. Then came the Islamic ways of removing this and oblige not to mention except asthma ‘Allah, and forbid animals slaughtered for idols and the name of idols.

Then, after the scribe who originally is bertauhid it was much influenced by feelings and did not shirk from kesyirikanriya the first release-first, so that while the Muslims think that they can no longer hang out and meet them as well as against those other polytheists, then Allah gives permission (rukhsa) to them to eat food scribes as well as in matters of marriage. This is confirmed in the Word of God which is the last paragraph, namely:

“Today the good things made lawful for you and so is the food of people who have been given the Book (the Book) is lawful for you, and vice versa halal food for them.” (Al-Maidah: 5)

Purposes of paragraphs above succinctly: that today’s all good, lawful for you, therefore no longer what is called: Bahirah, saibah, washilah and ham. And even kosher food scribes for you in accordance with the laws of God from which absolutely no (haram), and conversely any kosher food for them. So you should not eat animals slaughtered and hunted down by scribes, and conversely you can feed the scribes to slay the beast that you or your hunting.

Islam is strongly against the Pagans but to the scribes are very soft and easier, because they are closer to the believers, because both recognize the revelation of God, acknowledges the prophetic and points of religion globally. That’s also advisable to put mawaddah us against them, can eat their food, may mate with their women and get along well with them. Because if they had been hanging out with us and embrace Islam with complete confidence and awareness, they would also know that our religion is just religion in the sense that they are also higher, more perfect forms, and more clean sheets, the sheet of all kinds bid ‘ah, sleaze and fellowship.

The words of scribes food is an expression of a general nature, covering all sorts of food: slaugthered, seeds  and so on. All this is lawful for us, as long as the goods are not categorized as unlawful, because of his substance such as blood, carcass and pork. All this we should not eat with the consensus scholars, both of these items or food scribes belonging to Muslims.

At this point we’re done talking about the issues that clean and unclean animals. Now we just need to be explained to the Muslims some very urgent problems, namely: The animals are slaughtered for the Church and the Great Days

1. The first problem: If there was no sound from the scribe’s name other than Allah’s name, for example: The name of the Messiah and Uzair when slaughtered, then the food is still kosher for Muslims. But if until you hear the mention of a name other than Allah, then from among the jurists there are mengharamkannya because it includes so-called uhilla lighairillah (who slaughtered not because of God). But while there is also the opinion of halal.

Abu Darda ‘was asked about a slaughtered goat to a church called jurjas, the animals that they had given for the church, what should we eat? Then replied Abu Darda ‘: “May.” For them it is the scribes who obviously halal food for us, and vice versa we halal food for them. Then he was told to eat it.6

Imam Malik was asked about the slaughter of the book to the great days and their churches, the Imam Malik said: I memakruhkannya and I do not consider it haram.

Imam Malik  said makruh, because included in the category of wara ‘(be careful not to fall into immoral) because he was worried in case it belongs to the so-called slaughtered animals not because of God.And he did not forbid, because the meaning and intent of what killed not because God is in his opinion, all attributed to the scribes, which are slaughtered for bertaqarrub to God while they (scribes) itself does not eat it. And what are slaughtered and eaten their food is included, are in these things God has affirmed: “That the food of the Book is lawful for you.” sacrifices are conducted by the Book with the Electric Power and so on

2. The second problem: Is it required their slaughter as we slaughter, too, that is with a sharp knife and performed on the animal’s neck?

Most scholars think so. But according to the fatwa followers of Imam Malik, that does not include such a requirement.

Al-Qadi Ibn Arabi said when interpreted  paragraph 5 surah al-Maidah were as follows: It’s a tough proposition, that the hunted animals and food experts including eating the book is a fine (thayyibaat) which Allah has made lawful by absolute. God kept repeating it was intended to eliminate doubts contradictions arising from the wrong feelings, which are often creates a conflict and prolong the talk.

I once asked about a Christian who convoluted the chicken’s neck and then cooked, whether it be eaten or taken any part thereof as a food? So I replied: It may be eaten, because he was including his food and food minister and pastor, even though we think this does not include slaughter, but Allah has made it absolutely their food. Any food that is justified by their religion is lawful for us, except that indeed God has falsed.

Scholars we used to say: They gave their women to us to be married and we touch halal, why slaughtering it should not we eat, are eating is not the same as intercourse, halal and haraam.

Thus the opinion of Ibn al-Arabi.

Then in another place he said again: They do not eat that is not due to be slaughtered, for example with a strangled and hit on the head (with no intention to slaughter, because it includes the carcass of the animal haram).

Second opinion he is not contradictory, because the question is: What do they consider to be the slaughter, halal means for us even though we think slauthering that’s not true. And what they considered were not slaughtered, it is not lawful for us.

Thus, according to musytarak understand what is called the slaughter, which is meant risking the lives of animals with the intention to eat halal animal.

It is the opinion of scholars Malikiyah.

Reflecting on what we have mentioned above, then we can know the law meats imported from countries whose population is majority of the book, such as chicken, corned beef, all of which were sometimes slaughtered by using power electronics and so on . During these animals were by them considered as a sacrifice, then clearly lawful for us, in accordance with the general clause.

The meats are imported from communist countries, we should not eat. Because they were not scribes, even they are Kufr and anti to all religions and oppose God and all his treatise. Slaughtering The Zoroastrian, etc.

The scholars differed concerning the slaughter of Zoroastrianism. Most of them argue should not eat them because they are among the polytheists.

While others argue halal because the Prophet never said:

“Treat them like the treatment of the scribes.” (Reported by Malik and Shafi’i)

And the Prophet himself never received a tribute from the Zoroastrian Hajar. (Bukhari).

Therefore, Ibn Hazim said in the chapter in his book muhalla slaughter: “They are the scribes, therefore they are convicted as the law applicable to the scribes in all things.” (See chapters 7: 456).7

And shabiun (worshipers of the beast) by Abu Hanifa considered the scribes as well.8

By Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Qaradawi
translated as: H. Hamidy Mu’ammal
Publisher: PT. Development Studies, 1993
Publisher: PT. Development Studies, 1993


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