1. Document Evaluation

The evaluation of application forms and supporting documents includes a detailed analysis of the company’s profile and registration, the local authority’s license, declared ingredients, name and address of manufacturers/ suppliers of ingredients, original status of Halal ingredients, packaging material, manufacturing process and procedures, Halal certification from suppliers and slaughterhouse certification from the State Islamic Department.

2. Inspection

Full payment of the certification fees has to be made before the on-site inspection. The inspection of the premises has to be in accordance with those declared in the application forms and supporting documents. The site visit involves a meeting with senior officers of the company and questioning the production staff responsible for the hall requirements. The physical site inspection includes inspection of ingredients declared, storage of raw materials and finished products, cold rooms, processing plant – manufacturing flows and handling aspects during production, packaging materials, general hygiene, quality control and assurance practices. The discussion with the senior personnel of the company and the production staff responsible for the hall compliance is to confirm the observation findings and the necessary recommendation are duly endorsed as correct by the parties concerned.

3. Report Preparation

Technical inspectors conducting the inspection and analysis will then write a full report on the status of the application.

4. Evaluation Committee and Recommendation

The report will then be tabled and evaluated by a committee for issuing Halal Certificate.

5. Issuing the Halal Certificate

JAKIM will issue the Halal certificate and give permission to use the Halal logo for the products supplied.

6. Halal Certificate and Logo

The validity period of the certificate is for two (2) years. Renewal application has to be forwarded not later than three months before the expiry date.


7. Halal Conformity

JAKIM will carry out Halal conformity through constant monitoring either be surprise visit/inspection or verbal communication with the companies involved. Upon discovery during the post certification period, any changes made by the manufacturer without prior approval of JAKIM will result in the certificate being suspended or revoked. These changes may be minor, major or serious.

  • MINOR involving hygiene and cleanliness (e.g. the use of pest control);
  • MAJOR involving the change of ingredients, suppliers, machinery and relocation of plant;

The above mentioned failures will render the certificate to be suspended and subjected to the remedial and corrective actions by the application.

SERIOUS involving the use of Haram ingredients in the production (e.g. non-zabihah-slaughtered animals, pork or its derivatives, etc). Major failure will cause the certificate to be revoked.

8. Time

The total time of issuing the Halal certification is within three months. This includes the application, process, inspection, report writing, committee meeting and issuance of the Halal certification. However, it depends if the payment has been made by the customers.

Single Restaurant and Hotel Certification Charges:

  • Single Restaurant RM100
  • Hotel (by kitchen) RM100

Industrial Certification Charges:

  • Small Industry RM100
  • Small, Medium Industries RM400
  • Multinational Industry RM700

Slaughter House Certification Charges:

  • Small Premise RM100
  • Medium Premise RM400
  • Large Premise RM700




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