More Malaysian-Made Halal Products now in Hypermarkets under HDC-MDTCC Lead

By The Halal Journal Newsdesk (Source: Halal Industry Development Corporation) published 6 weeks ago
Original Article Source: Press Release
Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) today announced that the door is now wide open for Malaysian Halal certified companies, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (Halal SMEs) to consider being long-term suppliers to big hypermarkets in the country, namely Giant, AEON Jusco, Carrefour and Mydin. This development has been made possible with the introduction of the Halal Vendor Development Programme (HVDP) a joint initiative by HDC and the Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperatives & Consumerism (MDTCC).
The HVD Programme aims to develop 200 Halal SMEs this year as vendors to about 300 hypermarkets and supermarkets chains around the country.
“The call for greater Halal SMEs participation in the programme is based on the strength of a fast-expanding Halal industry that is backed by a vibrant market demand. Hypermarkets’ chains offer a huge and fast market opportunity for Halal SMEs to distribute and offer their products to the mass, said Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin, Chief Executive Officer of HDC.
HDC has in the past collaborated with MDTCC in many activities to promote the concept of Malaysian Made Halal Products, which includes identifying, coaching and linking potential Halal SMEs to the hypermarkets. The activities include in-store promotional events, such as “Produk Malaysia Citarasa Kita (PMCK)”, “Taste of Malaysia (TOM)” and “HALFEST’s Business Matching” which have benefited 85 Halal SMEs last year and resulted in 15% increase of their overall sales. The HVDP is an extension of this strategic collaboration between HDC, MDTCC and the hypermarkets.
“We aim to strengthen the existing collaboration via the Halal Vendor Development Programme that will open up new market access opportunity for the Halal SMEs. This year, we’re forecasting a total sale of RM100 million by the participating companies in the programme.”
The HVDP will be implemented in five key stages, where the Halal SMEs will be guided in a structured approach of becoming a successful vendor to the hypermarkets. The stages include mentoring workshop, business matching, product listing, in-store promotion and finally, the supplier selection.
“In addition, we will also continue to create a better awareness to the consumers and industry players about the significance of Malaysian Halal Logo and Malaysian Made Logo issued by JAKIM and MDTCC respectively. These recognitions will provide greater presence, visibility and market exposure of the Malaysian Made Halal Products, all of which are important to spur the growth of the Halal industry as a whole,” explained Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin.
“Through this program we also hope to see more Malaysian Made Halal Products on the shelf of these hypermarkets. Our target is to see at least 30% of the Stock-Keeping Units (i.e. SKUs) in these hypermarkets are produced locally by Malaysian companies” added Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin.
The HVDP is part of the industry linkage initiative introduced under the Halal Business Transformation (HBT) Programmes initiated by HDC in 2011. Apart from providing the domestic marketing channels for the Halal SMEs, it also serves as a platform to prepare these companies to become global players in the Halal industry.
“Industry linkages are keys in facilitating market access for Halal SMEs to both domestic and global markets. This collaboration is considered a milestone as it is intended to give the Halal SMEs a breakthrough in the world of hypermarketing.”


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